Spark RC 900 Family
The Spark RC is the winningest full suspension XC bike to date. The RC family was designed for racers, by racers, and is here to dominate
Spark Family
The Spark is not only one of the most successful full suspension bikes on the World Cup circuit, it’s also Scott's most popular bike for non-racers. Light, capable, fast – a cross country dream.
Scale RC Family
For the new generation of Scale Hardtails we've created a dedicated RC frame platform. 1x specific drivetrains and a drool worthy spec, these bikes were built to be champions.
Scale Family
The new Scale consists of 11 models with 100mm of travel, available in both 27.5" and 29". Geometry inspired by racing at the highest level gives you a hard tail that is just itching to finish first
Genius Family
The Genius family of mountain bikes was designed for one thing and one thing only- mastery of the mountains. Climbing, descending, and everything in between, the Genius is always the right tool.
Ransom Family
The Ransom was put on this earth to make mountains move. Lightweight, versatile, and built for speed, this is the Enduro rig of dreams.
Gambler Family
The Gambler was designed to excel on the most demanding of World Cup Tracks. Ridden by Brendan Fairclough and Neko Mulally, the Gambler just yearns to tackle steep and technical tracks.
Voltage Family
The Voltage YZ series was designed with riders like Louis Reboul in mind. Short stays and a well thought out geometry make it the ultimate dirt jump MTB.
Aspect Family
The Aspect series of mountain hardtails were designed to be light, efficient and reasonably priced. These models are the perfect choice for the novice or budget conscious mountain biker.
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